About Us

Inventory Portal is the most efficient and trusted way for your organization to buy and sell energy and marine spare parts to save money, time, and manpower. Our goal is to develop a united, sustainable, and innovative community where buying and selling spare parts and equipment is simple and reliable, providing quality products in abundance. We exist to make your job easier. Most of our listed inventory items are excess and surplus that sellers are monetizing through our extensive community and buyers are purchasing at huge discounts. Utilizing Inventory Portal for buyers and sellers is a very simple process that ties in with the end users current processes without additional training or change management.


 Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, state of the art data-management technology, independent perspective, and total commitment to providing our customers with superb service, are what have made Inventory Portal LLC the best resource to sell excess inventory, for buyers to source their material more efficiently, and for the entirety of the energy and marine industry to build a cohesive, lifelong relationship.


Inventory Portal is helping the energy industry go further by offering sustainable alternatives that are better for your business, your customer, and the environment.


For more information please contact us at sales@inventoryportal.com  or call +1(281)930-1180