BOP, 18 3/4", 15K, BX 164, NOV SHAFFER

BOP, 18 3/4", 15K, BX 164, NOV SHAFFER
SKU: 309039
Manufacturer: NOV- SHAFFER
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Drillthru Diameter: 18-3/4”
Top Connection: (02) Flanged - 18-3/4”x 15K, BX-164
Bottom Connection: Flanged- 18-3/4”x 15K, BX-164
Main Connection and API/Inconel
Outlet Ring
Stud and Nut Coating Zinc
(Main and Outlet
Platform Ring: No
Outlets: Studded, 3-1/16”-15M, BX-154
Number of Outlets: 2/ Cavity
Pressure Rating: 15K psi
Low Temp Rating: -20 deg F (T-20)
High Temp Rating: 250 deg F (T-20)
API Monogram: Yes
Model: NXT-M
Cavity Count: Single
Body CREP Level: Inlay Ring Groove Only
Door CREP Level: Inlay Door Cartridge Seal Area and RAM Shaft Packing Bore
(03) Door: 14” U2B Lock
Products specifications
Location: China
Condition: New