Manufacturer part number: RN125
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Manufacturer: MHWIRTH

Key features
• Designed to spin in / make up and break out / spin out drill pipe
and drill collars in a pre-defined sequence
• Make up / break out stabilisers, crossover subs and other bottom
hole assemblies
• Performs mouse hole connections
• Minimise the possibility of personnel injuries, equipment damage
and interruption of operations


Min. make-up torque: 8 000 Nm (6,000 lbf·ft)
Max. make-up torque: 142 000 Nm (105.000 lbf·ft)
Max. break-out torque: 170 000 Nm (125.000 lbf·ft)

Main elevation: 1100 mm (43.3”)
Min. stick-up height: 610 mm (24”)
Max. stick-up: 1710 mm (67.3”)
Forward/Backward tilt: 15 °


Design temperature, min.: -20 °C (-4 °F)
Design temperature, max.: +55 °C (+131 °F)

Classification society: None
Design category: II
Hazardous area classification
Hazardous area classification: Zone 1 Gas Group IIB
CE marking: No

Products for explosive atmospheres - certification standards
Explosion protection standard (electrical): IECEx, ATEX, and UL
Explosion protection standard (mechanical): ATEX
Technical data
Weight MH RN125
Weight (dry): 5445 kg (including pedestal)
Weight (operation): 5695 kg
Height (fully retracted): 2640 mm (104 in)
Width: 1524 mm (60 in) (excl. mudbucket)
Depth: 1370 mm (54 in) (post centreline to wrench centreline)
Max. Stowed Projected Footprint Area 3.6 m2 (38.8 ft2)
Torque wrench
Type: Hydraulic
Max. rotation: 40°
Tool joint clamping range, min: 4 in (101 mm)
Tool joint clamping range, max: 10 3/4 in (273 mm)
Pipe spinner
Type: Hydraulic - Individual
Max. spinner torque: 4070 Nm (3000 ft.lbf)
Number of spinner motors: 2
Clamping range, min: 3-1/2 in (89 mm) (pipe diameter)
Clamping range, max: 10 3/4 in (273 mm) (pipe diameter)
Pipe spinner rollers
Roller height: 180 mm (7.1 in)
Roller material: Steel
External fittings: JIC (other fitting styles available upon request)
Placement of filter: At pedestal column
Hydraulic fittings
Internal fittings: Walform style
Reach (Post Centerline to tong centerline) 3657 mm (144”)
Max. vertical deviation when extending arm ± 50mm (2”)
Slewing Angle: 270°
ST-80 Compatibility Option Available

Scope of supply
Pcs. Description
1 MH RN125 - Hydraulic roughneck
1 Jaw set, 4 – 10-3/4”
1 Manifold on pedestal column
1 Pipe Spinner, 4 – 10-3/4”
1 Walform fittings (Internal)
1 JIC fittings (External)
0 ABS CDS 2012/2014 (Optional)
0 CE Marking (Optional)
0 Bit Breaker (Optional)
0 Mud Bucket (Optional)
0 ST-80 compatible pedestal mount (Optional)

Technical Description
The MH Hydraulic Roughneck is designed for extending above drill floor between the rotary table and a suitable stowed position. Extension and elevation of the tool is performed using hydraulic cylinders and the associated linkages. The pedestal mounting is designed such that the roughneck it is compatible with the ST-80 mount. The hydraulic spinner and torque wrench are mounted at the end of the extension arm and location is controlled by arm motion. Bit breaker capability is optional.

Torque wrench
The torque wrench is mounted below the spinner and consists of two components stacked vertically. The upper jaw can be rotated relative to the lower jaw with (2) hydraulic cylinders. This arrangement minimizes horizontal shear loads. Clamping is performed by utilizing opposing direct mounted cylinders.

Pipe spinner
The hydraulic spinner is placed on a spring-supported carrier for allowing the spinner to deflect vertically independent of the back-up wrench when spinning in or out by use of vertically mounted springs providing for thread compensation. The spinner is equipped with equally sized directly hydraulic driven rollers to ensure torque is equally distributed on all rollers. One motor spins two rollers through a fully enclosed gearbox.

Utility requirements
Electrical requirements, 1-phase power (for automated variant only)
Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Total power consumption: 2 kW

Hydraulic requirements
Power pack: Constant pressure type with variable pump (Closed centre directional valves on equipment)
Fluid type: Hydraulic mineral oil ISO 6743-4 / ISO-L-HV (DIN 51524 - HVLP)
Fluid temperature, min.: -20 °C (-4 °F)
Fluid temperature, max.: +60 °C (+140 °F)
Operational viscosity range: 16-150 cSt
Permissible upper operational contamination limit: ISO 4406: code - / 15 / 13; [SAE AS 4059; rev. E; table 2; class 7 B-F or
SAE AS 4059; rev. E; table 1; class 7]
Max. hydraulic supply pressure: 207 bar (3,000 psi)
Hydraulic supply flow: 227 l/min (60 gpm (US)) at 2500psi
Max. allowed pressure at hook up interface, Return oil: 5 bar (72.5 psi)

Max. allowed pressure at hook up interface, Drain oil: 1 bar (14.5 psi)

Water requirements
Fresh water pressure: N/A
Fresh water consumption: N/A

Design features
• Special focus on Ergonomics, Noise, Vibrations, Chemical substances and products, Illumination, Indoor climate and outdoor operation
• Emergency stop switches located on each side of the Roughneck

Documents Included:
User Manual Electronic / Paper
Manufacturing Recording Book Retained
Certificates / Statements As applicable

Description MHWirth Inc. standard
Offshore painting / Surface Treatment SA16
Preservation / Packing NORSOK Z-006
Tagging / Component identification SF01

Date - 14.OCT.2014

Revision - 00

Approved by: Heinrich Bartels

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